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CPMNA offers strategic consulting services from project conceptualization up to project delivery and implementation.

Our team combines technical expertise with managerial skills in order to provide valuable consulting services directed to solving technical/managerial challenges of projects and/or operations and maintenance.

CPMNA’s consulting or advisory practice is based on a multidisciplinary approach, which allows CPMNA to cover the entire project cycle and incorporate financial, policy, and business considerations.

CPMNA’s Consulting or Advisory Approach Diagram

Circle diagram broken into four pieces. Top left piece says Technical with these bullets, Engineering, Construction, Project Development, Planning. Top right says Management with these bullets, Life Cycle, Operations & Maintenance, Costs, Scheduling. Bottom left says Data / Information with these bullets, Metrics, Efficiency, Analysis, Public Outreach, Visualization. Bottom right says Procurement with these bullets, Alternatives Analysis, Feasibility, Policy, RFQ/RFPs, Evaluation Criteria.

Our experience in different projects, states and countries allow us to gain insights about different regulatory frameworks, financial models, and emerging technologies, which grants us a unique perspective when advising our clients.

Consulting Services

  • Capital Planning and Analysis
  • Budget Control
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Screening
  • Alternative Delivery Analysis
  • Technical Assessment
  • LEED Services
  • Project Oversight
  • Property Management