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Project Business Analytics


Project Business Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics is defined as a set of techniques for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information to optimize decision-making.

CPMNA provides data analysis and visualization services for projects in order to enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making associated to project management activities. These analytic capabilities facilitate strategic and practical solutions through empowering project stakeholders to discover information which is not evident.

The main objective of the Business Analytics practice is to improve project visibility to support strategic and tactical decision-making processes while having reliable, timely and well-presented information. This practice is critical to ensure an effective execution of any project or capital investment.

The benefits of strong Business Analytics are summarized in the diagram below:

A Diagram, in the middle it says Business Intelligence and it's surrounding by four boxes. Top left box says, Accelerating and improving decision making. Top right box says, Optimizing internal business processes; increasing operational efficiency. Bottom left box says, Driving new revenues. Bottom right box says, Gaining fair & strategic market advantage.

Project Analytics proactively assists clients in monitoring progress, detecting trends and improving the decision-making in large or multiple capital improvement programs.

Project Business Analytics Services

  • Data Analysis
  • Performance Indicators
  • Trends Assessments
  • Strategic and Tactical decision-making
  • Reporting tools and dashboards